New AMV Spotlght Playlist Keeping up with our promise to add new playlists to our YouTube channel we have a new one to announce! Everyone keeping up with the pulse of new videos should enjoy this one. Our weekly AMV Spotlight segment now has it’s own playlist up on our […]

Updates – New AMV Spotlght Playlist

Soulcrash Studio’s Without GTO Perhaps it was due to some recent meme’s I’ve seen but I could think of only 1 AMV I wanted to focus on this week. Heading back to 2003 around the time I was finding out about this little diddy came out. Soulcrash Studios had […]

Throwback Thursday – Soulcrash Studio’s Without GTO

La Vida Madoka This week our AMV Spotlight is La Vida Madoka by editor shorisquared. This AMV is a different take on the Madoka source and we really enjoy it.

AMV Spotlight – La Vida Madoka

This week lets go back to 1998 during the formative years of my carrier as an AMV fan. DokiDoki’s first AMV Ranma Kombat was actually one of the first videos that I ever saw put to the Mortal Kombat movie theme. At the time this song was actually pretty popular […]

Throwback Thursday – DokiDoki’s Ranma Kombat

New Throwback Thursday Playlist Realizing we’ve been neglecting our own YouTube channel, we decided it was about time to do something about that. So this week we have a new playlist on the channel and it’s for all of you Old School AMV lovers. Our Throwback Thursday weekly segment now […]

Updates – New Throwback Thursday Playlist

One Horn Man This week our AMV Spotlight is One Horn Man by editor King Redeem. This AMV will leave you a happier person for having watched it.

AMV Spotlight – One Horn Man

Let’s head back to 2003 this week as I feature another video by AbsoluteDestiny. I Wish I Was A Lesbian is a fun little romp featuring a number of characters across popular anime of the time that I could totally see singing this song. Even today the simple editing and […]

Throwback Thursday – AbsoluteDestiny’s I Wish I Was A Lesbian

Music Monday Pogo Data and Picard To start off this week as well as the month I felt it was time to talk about a youtuber that I haven’t heard anything from in quite some time. Pogo makes some awesome remixes using audio from movies and the like. There was […]

Music Monday – Pogo – Data and Picard

Deviance 2 This week our AMV Spotlight is Deviance 2 by editor HedgeProductions. This AMV is a wild fun ride and is well worth your time.

AMV Spotlight – Deviance 2

This week let’s head back to 2008 and enjoy the oddly disjointed video Let Them Eat Rei. Considering when this came out it’s obvious that it’s cashing in on the popularity of the song and Portal but in the end it’s still a really well edited video with a cute […]

Throwback Thursday – Jbone’s Let Them Eat Rei

Music Monday Jamiroquai Automaton Usually I prefer to leave this column to supporting fan works or small indy productions and such artists but after finding out about this track I just couldn’t contain myself and had to share it in this week’s musical jump start. Jamiroquai is an artist I […]

Music Monday – Jamiroquai – Automaton

AMV Spotlight – Unsatisfied This week our AMV Spotlight is Unsatisfied by editor Unlucky Artist. This AMV Spotlight goes out to all the Hamilton Fans out there.

AMV Spotlight – Unsatisfied

This week we’re heading back to 2002, the year when I made my first AMV touted by many as a sign of the end times. AbsoluteDestiny on the other hand came out with Shameless Rock Video around the same time and blew whatever silly project I was working on out […]

Throwback Thursday – AbsoluteDestiny’s Shameless Rock Video

Music Monday ULTRABOSS Autostrada Mezzanotte To kick off the week let’s head back to the 80s via 2017 synthwave trends brought to us by PJ d’atri in ULTRABOSS – Autostrada Mezzanotte. This smooth track features some awesome guitars and a smooth synth background that just keeps on rocking through the […]

Music Monday – ULTRABOSS – Autostrada Mezzanotte

Tsundere Love Story This week our AMV Spotlight is Tsundere Love Story by editor shorisquared. This romantic AMV is quite the funny theater number set to the interesting Tsundere character trope.

AMV Spotlight – Tsundere Love Story