Phaserland’s Nomad City From Cosmic Boundaries Ever since I talked about Phaserland’s track Smolder I’ve been looking forward to his new album and it is finally here. Released just the other day Cosmic Boundaries is a 12 track album of awesome Synthware mastery home grown locally right here in Detroit […]

Music Monday – Phaserland’s Nomad City (From Cosmic Boundaries)

Honeymoon This week our AMV Spotlight is Honeymoon by editor Canbyaboy. This AMV is effects heavy and highly enjoyable.

AMV Spotlight – Honeymoon

This week let’s head back to the distant year of 1998 when a very select few had the ability to make AMVs on their computers, something we take for granted in this day of free video editing applications that come bundled with our OS’s and even web based editing. Aluminum […]

Throwback Thursday – Aluminum Studios Hey 3rd, Nice Shot

Superbowl Edition This week our Superbowl Edition AMV spotlight is Hit the Ground Running from legendary AMV wars competitors compbros. This AMV tribute to Tim Tebow works well with its eyeshield 21 source.

AMV Spotlight – Superbowl Edition

This week let’s head back to a great year for AMVs, 2003, when the tools for rotoscoping footage was no where near as automated and advanced as they are today (rotobrush anyone?) Sierra Lorna came out with a great parody video to the original music video of JXL’s remix of […]

Throwback Thursday – Sierra Lorna’s Elvis vs. Anime

Martyrdom This week our AMV Spotlight is Martyrdom by editor Joskua. This AMV is like a comedy drug trip making the user long for a taco stand.

AMV Spotlight – Martyrdom

This week let’s head back to 2003 with what I consider and oldie but a goodie. Nappy’s Stop The Rock? is one of those videos that looking back on it today the effects work is pretty obvious and simple but I still can’t stop enjoying it. It’s a style I […]

Throwback Thursday – Nappy’s Stop The Rock?

Engineering BASIC LEE This week our AMV Spotlight is Engineering BASIC LEE by editor Cenit. This AMV is an exciting amv honoring space-fairing peoples around the globe. This is especially fitting given the successful GEO Flight 3 launch on Thursday. Therefore, i am happy to share this excellent space amv […]

AMV Spotlight – Engineering BASIC LEE

On The Rocks This week our AMV Spotlight is On The Rocks by editor Pic4arts. This AMV makes good use of one of my favorite sources, Black Lagoon including some of the crazier action scenes.

AMV Spotlight – On The Rocks

Fan Art Friday Hildibrand Bebop So while I know this isn’t exactly fan art as I’ve generally been posting on Fridays, but this is a video I recently saw that fits my definition of fan art even if it is in video form. Cowboy Bebop opening using Hildibrand from FFXIV. […]

Fan Art Friday – Hildibrand Bebop

This week lets head back to 2007 when we were still in the midst of another Bush presidency with MacPenguin’s Woolongs for Nothing. When this video came out it was all the rage. It was different. It was new (well, it was pretty retro actually) and looking back on it […]

Throwback Thursday – MacPenguin’s Woolongs For Nothing

Now that we have our camera and lens we need to learn the language of the camera. Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO. Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO are the things that can help set you apart from amateur video crap and beginning to look like you know what you are […]

Workshop Wednesday: Aperture, Shutter, ISO and special bonus!