The AMV Wars

AMV-Wars-B-MascotThe AMV Wars had a humble beginning as an attempt to bring a live editing competition to our home convention at Youmacon back in 2005. At the time we called ourselves “Iron Editor: The AMV Wars” partially to show the similarities to our style of event to the culinary event we took some of our ideas from but also to help differentiate ourselves from other similar events held at conventions around the country. The event, including it’s late night variant became a hit and staple at Youmacon and has been run each year since the beginning bringing us now to our twelfth year!

Of course, along with the popularity of the event and new startup conventions in the Midwest, the AMV Wars also grew. Battles were run at many conventions over the next few years. Ikasucon, Collassalcon, Ohayocon, Matsuricon, Diagacon, Sugoi-con, Animarathon, Anime Central, and Anime Weekend Atlanta were among the conventions that played host to these events. During this time, in order to not conflict with a similar convention traveling event, we decided to remove the Iron Editor from our name and become just The AMV Wars.

AMV-Wars-H-MascotSince the boom of the later 2000s we have since scaled back the number of conventions that we take the event to. As of today currently The AMV Wars only runs at Youmacon. However, just because we have scaled back does not mean we are not open to running at other conventions, nor are we planning to end the event anytime soon as The AMV Wars is still one of the signature and well attended events held in The Fan Art Theater at Youmacon. If you would like to see The AMV Wars at your local convention hit us up via the contact us page and we’ll see if we can work something out.

So what IS The AMV Wars? At it’s root The AMV Wars is an editing competition where 2 (or sometimes more) editors (usually AMV editors) are pitted against each other, in front of a live audience, in order to make an AMV in the time allotted (usually 2 hours) following a specific theme (usually chosen at the event from suggestions from the audience) and using a secret source (along with 2 sources chosen by the competitors we also provide a secret source that is revealed at the event to the editors which they must use) all while being poked, prodded, and annoyed by the MC and audience as games and videos are played. The object of the event is to produce 2 unique videos which hopefully are good in the short time allotted and crown a champion based on what a panel of judges feel is the best video according to a set of rules. These rules are: Adherence to the Theme, Use of the Secret Source, and enjoy-ability. However, since watching editors edit for 2  hours is akin to watching paint dry the MC and VJ set out to show the most fun, exciting, and just all around interesting AMVs to the audience while also playing games and handing out prizes. Did we say free swag?

AMV-Wars-P-MascotOver the years we have had special battle/match types that we have run which change up the rules depending on the event and our desire to mix things up a bit. These have been:

The Royal Rumble – Where 4 or more editors are pitted against each other at once to determine the king.
The Tag-Team – Where editors collaborate and trade off editing duties throughout the event
The Music Drop – Rather then providing a secret video source, this variation provides a set of music that has to be chosen from.
The Chairman’s Challenge – The Chairman reserves the right to challenge the Champion. So far the Chairman is undefeated in a chairman’s challenge.