The Fan Art Theater at Conventions

The Fan Art Theater, while focused year round with curating and sharing the best fan made content on the internet, also brings its brand of content to conventions in the form of live panels, events, and viewings. We are a group stationed throughout the Midwest and are known to travel across the country in order to both attend and assist with conventions big and small. Our services are available and we are open to new opportunities. If you would like to request and appearance or assistance at your convention please head to the contact us page and let us know. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Currently the Fan Art Theater has a few outstanding engagements for the following conventions which we work with on a yearly basis.


Youmacon is our home convention, where it all started. We currently run 2 rooms with our track of content. You can find us located in the COBO Center during the length of the convention running our signature events such as The AMV Wars, Nat-chan & Mat-chan’s Night Out, and Nat-chan’s Top 10 to name a few.


AWA is widely known as THE convention for Anime Music Videos (AMVs) and it is where a large number of editors from the AMV community congregate to socialize, network, and party with each other.  It is also a local convention for our fearless leader’s studio, Chaotic Bad-Raptor. Our fearless leader and a few of our staff make it a point to help out CB-R with ‘The Hour that Doesn’t Exist’ or what is now known as “CB-R Up All Night” in the Video Art Track (VAT) at AWA.