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The Fan Art Theaterfat-twitter-image strives to provide the best content around and part of achieving that goal requires us to listen to our viewers/followers/YOU. After all, if you’re not enjoying what you see then you certainly wont be coming back for more! With that in mind we welcome all feedback. Got a quick question, send it our way. Found something or created something cool that you think we should know about (and share) then hit us up! Hate our guts and have to let us know just how much we suck? Can’t please everybody but let us know anyway and we’ll see what we can do to improve!

There are multiple ways to get a hold of us. Some of the quickest in this day and age of social media is to use just that, hit us up on social media. We can be found on multiple platforms.

FacebookFacebook – A Daily updated hub for all of our articles with some rare exclusive content from time to time, Though our website is still the most reliable and best curate source for all things Fan Art Theater.

youtubeYouTube – Some of our stalwart Social Media Hitmen have a flair for Cinematography and will create videos and tutorials for the Fan Art Theater which will be curated and hosted here.


Twitter – If Facebook isn’t your thing, then get your daily dose of Fan Art Theater Headlines here in 140 Characters or less with our Twitter page. Offering live updates from our events and insights during our live tweeting sessions for particularly Geeky Events our Staff may attend.


Twitch – We love to talk and we love video games, Talking and video gaming while looking into a camera, well that is a dream come true. There are many of our staff Who regularly stream you can find them here

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Tumblr – Do you spend hours on end reblogging on Tumblr? Well so do we, Check out the Fan Art Theater Tumblr and you can see all the content we have dug up and reblogged in our foraging across the Internet for the best work to bring to you. (We find a lot of Lewd Tuesday Material here, if you can turn us on to some cool art feel free to send it to us here)


fat-editing-imageOf course while the new social media paradigm is all well and good, there is always the old school route. Feel free to use the form below to send a good old fashioned email to our team with your feedback or links to the content you want to send our way.