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A motivated media professional, Robert is always looking for fun new ideas to share. His work with the Fan Art Theater is an extension of that and his desire to host people from out of town in his hometown through the Fan Art Theater's work at Youmacon. Loves: Sweets, Manga, Sci-Fi Novels, Games. Hates: Wet Socks, Mushrooms, Haters. Check him out on twitter:

Leather Teeth – Darksynth Jams Carpenter Brut brought us Leather Teeth; a darksynth album released this February. It brings heavy sound into the mix, with enough distortion to satisfy the greatest heavy metal hunger. Give this a listen on the best playback setup you have: the strength of the composition […]

Music Monday – Leather Teeth – Darksynth Jams

Fan Art Theater is live at Youmacon 2017! Hello and welcome to our world of anime and gaming goodness, descended upon the earth for one weekend each year! This year at Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan, we’re down in COBO 140 D-E & F-G with Fan Art Theater A and B, […]

Fan Art Theater is live at Youmacon 2017!

One of the most amusing riffs on Pokemon is the portrayal of Mr. Fish, a Gyrados of dubious origin. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is a great read, and I have to insist that you consider giving it a shot over on I cannot help but think Jared would […]

Webcomic Spotlight – Manly Guys Doing Manly Things With Pokemon