Meet the Staff

The Fan Art Theater is staffed by an interesting group of individuals all whom curate their own special brand of content. Collectively we all strive to find and share the best fan created content around. But who exactly are these eccentric fellows? Let’s find out!

Nate Avatar


Nate is our fearless leader. Department head for the Fan Art Theater at Youmacon and generally the guy in charge. AMV Editor and fan of AMVs since the 90s, he brings a unique old school mentality to the content he finds and shares while still staying current to trends within the community. Not afraid of identifying with what he loves he is known as an avid Trekkie, Brony, Band Geek, Tech Nerd, Audiophile, Die Hard Tigers Fan, Engineer, and fledgling YouTube content creator. That’s right, as The Old School Otaku, Nate also tries to bridge the gap between the old classics of Anime and today’s fans via his YouTube channel.

The Old School



Our Implacable second-in-command and coordinator, Robert handles the back-up when things don’t go as planned; He also tries to keep things on track so that doesn’t happen in the first place. He is a big fan of Heavy Metal, Muscle Cars, Shonen Manga, Enthusiast Technology, Battletech, and many book series; his passion for gaming is his biggest distraction, and when he’s not working, he’s probably streaming or filming. You can find him shamelessly promoting fun things on twitter, whenever he isn’t live. — —  —



Our bearded video technician, Kyle handles the weekly amv spotlight and also a regular contributor to other projects. He makes it a point to be on top of the various AMV communities and happenings.  He is a big fan of AMVs, FFXIV, WW2 Warships, Robot Death Fights, Total War RTS games, and many book series; his passion for gaming and anime is his biggest distraction, and when he’s not working, he’s probably doing one of those two things.




Shawn is one of our nerds on the video team. When outside of Youmacon can normally be found in a bar listening to the sounds of whales, or Kanye West music, it’s virtually indistinguishable. He spends his daytime booking hotel reservations. Other than that, he’s pretty boring, and quite possibly suffers from Rami Malek level schizophrenia. He firmly denies that he’s a martian.




Allen is one of our Audio team, responsible for helping level out the huge variety of audio levels in content at-con and helping us with planning in the meantime.



Our staff wrangler, Ruth brings a level head to our craziness and helps soften our razor-edge wit for the better of all.


Our Programming track head, he brings a wealth of experience to the table and helps keep us in line and scouting new content.