Everyone needs a mascot right? Well we’re no different and we have three lovable mascots that help personify whatever mood or event we happen to be in at the time. It’s also a great excuse for our artist to draw some pretty pictures. Let’s meet the trio and see if we can get to know them better.


Pink Haired GirlPink Haired Girl

Pink Haired Girl is a Female with Pink hair. She hair is styled in twin Ringlets that drape past her shoulders, She keeps these ringlets held up with yellow Butterfly Barrettes which go quite well with her blue eyes. Her Beige blouse and blue skirt along with a stylish pair of Mary Jane’s go a long way to making this chibi powerhouse all the more cute.




Blue Haired GirlBlue Haired Girl

Lorem Blue Haired Girl is a Female with Blue hair. This matches her blue eyes, dress and shoes. Her swipe of bangs drapes just above her brow and is held in place by two star shaped Barrettes.






Purple Haired GirlPurple Haired Girl

Purple Haired Girl is a Female with Purple Hair (the previous 2 descriptions may have established a pattern). She has a Purple Bow, Bunny Ears and a black Keyhole dress. Paired with sensible Pink Pumps and you have a wickedly cute mascot.