Fan Art Theater is Now LIVE at Youmacon 2018!

Fan Art Theater is Now LIVE at Youmacon 2018

It’s that time of year again. The Fan Art Theater is now Live at Youmacon 2018! You can find us in COBO Hall in rooms 140 D/E and 140 F/G, right below the Video Game room!

You can also find us live via our twitch streams!

Room A:

Room B:

Here is what you can expect to find in the room at specific times:

Fan Art Theater Opening Ceremonies feat. Who exactly IS Nat-chan?
1-2pm Friday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

It’s time to kick things off! The Fan Art Theater will open with a bang followed by a statement from our Department Head and fearless leader, Nat-chan. Then stay as we look into who exactly Nat-chan is, featuring some of his best and worst music videos ever made.

Fan Art Theater Staff Favorites

2-4pm Friday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

Our staff has come together to produce for you a special curated selection of the best videos we have to offer! Or, maybe we’re just pandering to ourselves. Either way, we’re biased, and this is our chance to pick videos without Nat-chan! Rebellion has never been this entertaining.

AMV Dance Showcase
2-4pm Friday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Wanna get a little warmed up? Like watching flashy effects and fast beats? Or just want to chill and get your groove on? Well this showcase is the one for you! Come enjoy some of the best AMVs that’ll get your heart pounding!

Nat-chan’s Top Picks

4-6pm Friday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

Nate has curated a list of the best AMVs throughout the years that may not have been the most popular or well known. Come join us for a showcase of some of the best from this list.


AMV 101 with Twenty 200 Productions

4-6pm Friday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Ever wanted to learn AMV’s from the pros? Well, we don’t have any professionals here, but we do have these random editors named Mike, Ralph, Amber, Albert, and King from Twenty 200 Productions. Come learn the basics of getting into AMV editing. From recommended software, to commonly used techniques, to what ticks us off as editors (please stop hurting us)! We hope you learn enough to get you started on making your first video, and maybe get back into them if you’ve tried before!

Staff Music Video Showcase

6-7pm Friday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

Many of our staff members are editors as well. Come on out, as we showcase the entries from this year’s staff competition as well as other videos made by our staff!


TFS Content Creator Q and A

6pm-7pm Friday – Theater B (COBO 140F-G)

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Fan Art Theater Competition Showing

7-10pm Friday (A), 4-7pm Saturday (B), 2-5pm Sunday (B)

Theater A (COBO 140D-E) / Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Come see the best in fan-created entertainment at the Youmacon Fan Art Theater Competition. Creators from all over have submitted their works of blood, sweat, and tears. Take a load off and prepare to be entertained.


Elite ⅔ Pokemon ‘Bridged

7:30pm-8:30pm Friday – Theater B (COBO 140F-G)

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Adult Jackbox Games with Tom Fawkes and Brad Hale [18+]

9pm-11pm Friday – Theater B (COBO 140F-G)

Grab your phone or tablet, connect to the free wifi at Cobo, and come join in on a vulgar series of games from the Jackbox Party Pack, live with the Fan Art Theater Team, Tom Fawkes and Brad Hale!! Your ears will most definitely bleed. Your mother will most definitely cry. Your satisfaction will be maximum.


AMV Spotlight

10pm-Midnight Friday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

AMV Spotlight brings you a selection from the best AMVs featured on the weekly Sunday column of Join us on a journey through this past year in AMVs.


Watch AMV’s with Twenty 200 Productions [18+]

11pm-Midnight Friday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Are you a fan of Mystery Science Theater? Have you ever just searched “AMV” on YouTube and clicked on random videos? If so, our condolences, but you may enjoy joining the members of Twenty 200 Productions watching and riffing on random AMV’s from all over the internet. We will laugh, we will critique, and quite possibly actually enjoy a video or two! Join us, won’t you?


You’ve found the weird part of Youmacon!

Midnight-3am Friday Night/Saturday Morning – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

The weird part of Youmacon is a massive vortex, which upon discovery is inescapable like a black hole. The videos shown will entertain, enthrall, frighten and mystify the mind. Are you ready to accept the weirdness that lies within? During this time you will be stepping into a dimension that lies beyond all rationality. What you will see is as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the halfway point between light and dark, fear and bravery and sanity and the insane.

Hentai Music Video Contest [18+]
Midnight Friday-1am Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

The best of the best when it comes to making HMVs all submitted their works to our competition. Come watch what they have to offer and then let them know what you think. After all, you are the ones who get to choose the winner.


Videos Against Humanity [18+]

1-3am Saturday Morning (Friday Night) – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Think you’re sick and twisted? Think you’ve seen it all? Our contestants in this live Cards Against Humanity inspired event aim to prove you wrong. We’ve got a number of contestants that have collected the dankest and darkest clips they could find from the depths of the internet to keep you laughing or cringing. Come watch and help choose who gets to T-Pose over the other competitors!


After These Messages

10am-Noon Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

After these messages brings you a collection of the best AMV trailers and commercials to come across our screens in recent years. Let us prove to you that sometimes it is worth watching the Ads.


All The Feels

10am-Noon Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Dramatic videos stir the heart and mind, gripping us and making us…feel. Come on out and chill with us for some of the best and compelling heart-wrenching videos we’ve ever found.


Saturday Morning Cartoons

12-2pm Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)
More fan-made videos than your body has room for! We play anything and everything (except that one thing) and you can totally relive the days when you were entertained instead of educated!


The AMV Wars

12:30-4pm Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140D-E)

The ever-popular challenge famous in Japan where you pit two chefs against each other and force them to make a meal is back with an otaku twist! Instead of chefs, we have AMV editors, and instead of making a meal, they make an AMV. We provide the footage and they supply the expertise. Come watch the action unfold as we see who will reign supreme! Did we mention the free swag?


Smooth Criminal: 60 FPS AMV Showcase

2-4pm Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)
Ever since the advent of frame interpolation and higher-spec video, many fantastic creations have graced the AMV community. Come take a seat and be spellbound by the fluid motion and careful editing that goes into these creations. Believe the hype!

Brad Hale: How I got Into Youtube

4:30pm-5:30pm Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
Refer to GR for this blurb


I’m Tom Fawkes, AMA

6pm-7pm Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
Refer to GR for this blurb


AMV Hell

7pm-8:30pm Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
We play our favorite AMV Hell Multi-Editor Project(s). Love fast-paced comedy and wit? Come on out and take a load off.


Fan Art Theater Competition Award Ceremony

7-8:30pm Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Come watch the best of the best from this year’s hard-fought Music Video Competition as we showcase the winners and give out the awards. Who will win Best in Show? Who broke the judging session? Come find out!


Short Masterpieces: Animations and Films

8:30-10:30pm Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
These animated gems have a way of offering a glimpse into an imaginary world filled with wonder, horrors, sadness and joy.  These are a just a few of the many small creations animators make to instill emotions into us all.

Liesw4tter the Reckoning With Tom Fawkes

9-10pm Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Grab your phone or tablet, connect to the free wifi at Cobo, and come join in on a rousing game of Lie Swatter live with Tom Fawkes and the Fan Art Theater Staff!


AMV Karaoke
10pm-Midnight Saturday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

We all like to belt a tune sometimes, or tease those who do.This is your chance to show off your mad mic skills or embarrass yourself along with the rest of us! Come meet new people and sing!


Terror Time with Sailor Death
11pm-Midnight Saturday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)

If you think pasta is creepy, you should see some of the things Sailor Death has in store; come on up for a undying sense of dread and possible fever dreams in the near future!


Nat-chan & Mat-chan’s Night Out [18+]
Midnight Saturday – 2am Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)

We’ve brought back our signature event. We gave Nat-chan and Mat-chan a mic, set them loose in the theater, and let them play whatever smut they want to. Come on and join in on the debauchery as we hold nothing back. Nothing is sacred and what will be seen no amount of eye bleach will fix. After all… we’re all going to Hell for this anyway…


Happy Fun Time
Midnight Saturday-2am Sunday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)

Come relax as we play the funniest, happiest, and most fun videos of all time. Come take a seat or hop on the dance floor and cut a rug. Either way beware, once you enter you won’t want to leave!

AMV Morning Work Out
10am-Noon Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)

It’s morning so why not have a little entertainment to go along with those bacon and eggs? Come wake up with the Fan Art Theater as we seek to amaze and entertain with videos to get your blood pumping. Requests welcome. Calisthenics not required.

“Throwback Thursday” AMV Showcase

Noon-1:30pm Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
AMV’s have been around long enough to make the transition from analog to digital! If you want to see some of the hidden gems from back in the day, or even more recent big hits that you may have missed, come check out our throwback thursday picks from

Fan Art Theater Competition Overflow Showing

10am-2pm Sunday – Theater B (COBO 140 F-G)
Our AMV contest always has more good entries than we have time to share. This year, we’re making an exception! If you want to see more of our contest, come check out our contest overflow!

Nate the Old School Otaku LIVE

1:30pm-2:30pm Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
The Old School Otaku decided to actually come out of his basement long enough to go somewhere that wasn’t a resale shop or a swap meet for animation cels. Come chat with Nate and learn more about why his passion for cel animation, retro video, and Japanese RPGs is still strong in 2018. He may also do a live “pickups” show that’ll make you regret what you missed seeing in the dealers hall!


Old Farts: The Legacy of AMVs

2:30pm-4pm Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)
Some editors have been making videos since the beginning of time*. These old editors tell their stories and share their experiences, and more importantly(?) videos. See the masters at work! Are you an Editor? Come hang out, swap stories with us! *This statement may be hyperbole.


Fan Art Theater Closing Ceremonies
4-5pm Sunday – Theater A (COBO 140 D-E)

It’s now time to bring it all to a close. We’ll go over a few details with all those in attendance and open the floor up for suggestions and gripes. Missed the award ceremony but still want your award? Then come pick it up here when we go through all previous awards.


About Nate

Nate is the the Fan Art Theater Department Head and our fearless leader. He also runs his own Youtube Channel as the Old School Otaku reviewing anime and talking about his experiences with older anime. Nate also makes AMVs as well!

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