Throwback Thursday – Nostromo_vx’s Auriga

Nostromo_vx’s Auriga

This week returns us to 2008 with Nostromo_vx’s video Auriga. As a fan of music videos that use electronic music I had been following Nostromo for quite some time when this video came out. The thing that really stood out about this video, besides the audio track, was how smooth the video looked. This was due to the editors use of an After Effects plugin called Twixtor. Modern days we call the technique Frame Interpolation and your modern TV does this for you by taking footage that has a lower framerate then what it outputs at and guesses what the frames inbetween would be like in order to get you 60fps or more. A lot of systems couldn’t handle playing back the full quality video at the time and caused quite the uproar. But wether you like the effect or not I really enjoy this video. Give it a watch and see what you think.


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