Lewd Tuesday – Flutteryshy’s Got Quite the Pair Part One

Flutteryshy’s Got Quite the Pair Part One

So in the spirit of restarting this column I started looking at art I had pinned but not moved forward with. Turns out in the case of building another MLP segment I may have bitten off more then I could chew. So why don’t you join me on a multi-part romp down all the really awesome art featuring everyone’s favorite soft spoken, and stacked, pony, Fluttershy. Don’t worry if you’re not into ponies though, there will be stuff for you as well inbetween pony posts.

First up we have RainbowDash and Fluttershy by BumbleBun on Deviantart. What I really enjoy about this piece other then it featuring my favorite ponies is the way it depicts the two in summer vacation gear.

 RainbowDash and Fluttershy by BumbleBun

Up next we have Fluttershy – Print Available by ayloulou on DeviantArt. This one, other then having a really nice looking style, features the titular (pun intended) pony wearing not much more then a bow. I think she might bust out of that at any moment though…

Fluttershy - Print Available by ayloulou

Then we have dangerious mission by Ta-Na on DeviantArt. This one takes another look at that getup/scene from Season 3? showing fluttershy having some issues fitting into her sneaking suit.

dangerous mission by Ta-Na

This piece is called Shy Brassiere by RacoonKun on DeviantArt. I imagine it would be quite difficult to put a bra on with such big wings, but it looks like she has the hang of it

:iconracoonkun: Shy Brassiere by RacoonKun

Next we have Explorer Fluttershy by Blahadon on DeviantArt. This piece has Fluttershy taking a kind of Laura Croft style. She doesn’t seem all that sure about her guns here. There’s not much holding her assets in place here so I wouldn’t blame her.

Explorer Fluttershy by Blahadon

Here we have Fluttershy Belly Dancer by iojknmiojknm on DeviantArt. This piece has a very sexy Fluttershy in a butterfly outfit. I could see her in the position sitting in front of Jaba the Hut. Not that I’d want her there, but the outfit sure suggests that.

[Commission] Fluttershy Belly Dancer by iojknmiojknm

Up next we have Curvy Flutter by CheezayBallz on DeviantArt. I think the title really says it all about this one.

Curvy Flutter by CheezayBallz

Getting close to the end we have shy heart by Ta-Na on DeviantArt. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the cleavage showing I wouldn’t consider this pic very lewd, but more sweet. That cute blushing face and the heart shape she’s making with her hand. Wonder if that’s Dash she’s looking at…

shy heart by Ta-Na

Helping to finish up the collection is Fluttershy’s new swimsuit by DANMAKUMAN on DeviantArt. This one kind of speaks for itself. Have to say though, it looks like Shy got some confidence because she’s really showing off her new swimsuit with little care in the world. That’s the Fluttershy I adore…

 Fluttershy's new swimsuit by DANMAKUMAN

Finally we have Batty by Madacon on DeviantArt. There always seems to be something inherently lewd about the way most artists tend to draw Batty Shy and this piece is no exception. I’d imaging though that she would make one sexy vampire, or succubus, or well… yeah…

Batty by Madacon



Until next week, hope you enjoyed the collection. If you have any suggestions for characters, themes, ect you would like to see in a future post feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Social Media!


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