Music Monday – Shook I Will Be There

Shook I Will Be There

Shook is an artist that I came across while I was discovering Nu Disco and I’ve been following him ever since. His music has that bit of funk that I enjoy while also being a mesmerizing layering of ambient tracks that always puts me in a happy mood. Hot from his recently released LP I’ve got a track with an official music video. Give I Will Be There a listen and let me know your thoughts.

Shook recently released a new LP and the track above is from it. Give the rest of the album a listen and support this artist by buying his music. You can find the new album on Bandcamp here.


Until next week, hope you enjoyed the music. If you have any suggestions for artists, tracks, ect you would like to see in a future post feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Social Media!


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