Fan Art Friday – Shepherd0821 Has The Girls

Shepherd0821 Has The Girls

Quite a few years ago when I found out about the massive creative community around the new My Little Pony show I found my way on to a 4 panel koma version of My Little Pony. The artist is Shepherd0821 and I’ve been following them ever since! I’m a fan of the cute art style that manages to keep some meat on the girls bones that they draw which to me looks more realistic and healthy. Either way, I have a few interesting pieces to show you today all from this artist.

First up is Who you gonna call from Deviantart. I honestly would feel bad about having to burn this Stay Puff, even if she is a demi-god bent on destroying the world. How could you stay angry at that face?

Who you gonna call by shepherd0821

Next up is Wendy’s Play 2 from Deviantart. This piece came out around the same time as all the Smug Wendy stuff. I gotta say though, with the crazy in her eyes I kinda feel sorry for the clown. Yandere much?

Wendy's play 2 by shepherd0821

Next we have Fast Food Clerk from Deviantart. While not a picture of any character in particular this piece I find cute as a fast food worker. I’ve met a few as cute as this in my college days. Probably why I ate so much fast food back then…

ast food clerk by shepherd0821

Finally we come to Sally (SatAM) from Deviantart. Using their normal style makes for a really cute and some would also say sexy Sally Acorn. I know people hate her, but I still love her. Best Sonic Girl. Fit me!

Sally (SatAM) by shepherd0821



Until next week, hope you enjoyed the collection. If you have any suggestions for characters, themes, ect you would like to see in a future post feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Social Media!


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