Lewd Tuesday – AceRulez13 Bring’s Fluttershy’s Goods

Lewd Tuesday AceRulez13 Bring’s Fluttershy’s Goods

You know, we’ve really neglected this column and I feel that’s a great disservice to you all. After all, everyone needs that mid week pick-me-up and you know what? I’m gonna provide it! So let’s kick things off with an old theme and artist we’ve featured before. AceRulez13 on DeviantArt really knows how to bring the fannon version of Fluttershy to life. Well, and her assets as well…

Let’s start things off with a funny joke of sorts. I’m sure you’ve all heard the childish joke about looking at a pair of tits before right? Well, in MLP: Fluttershy’s Tits Rainbow and Flutter are playing with some tits and they’re… awesome! I always love double entendre’s.

MLP: Fluttershy's Tits by AcesRulez13

Most older anime fans from the 90s remember their first time watching The End of Eva and having their mind blown. In MLP: Flutter-gelion we see another take on the classic cover art. I think if I was Rainbow I’d want to swim across that sea to play on that raft.

MLP: Flutter-gelion by AcesRulez13

You know, as a guy who doesn’t really have much junk in the trunk I’d never really thought about playing pool like Flutter does in MLP: Flutter-Aim. It’s a distracting kind of move but I guess if you line everything up right that channel would keep the cue steady I guess…

MLP: Flutter-Aim by AcesRulez13

This image brings back memories. I remember the days in elementary school, before I got a graphing calculator, typing in numbers to spell lewd words out in class. Seems in MLP: Flutter-Calculator that Flutter has figured out a new word herself. I wonder if she’s sending Rainbow a message.

MLP: Flutter-Calculator by AcesRulez13

Of course, as MLP: Flutter-Horror shows, that message could be a deceitful one. Honestly though, I’d die happy.

MLP: Flutter-Horror by AcesRulez13

A while back I posted more of AcesRulez13 art and one of the pieces was a funny image of Flutter knocking Rainbow out with a boob slap. Turns out in MLP: Flutter-Knockout 2 Rainbow just can’t catch a break as she takes a butt slap to the head. Turns out the ass is strong with this one.

MLP: Flutter-Knockout 2 by AcesRulez13

Finally I’ll leave you with more of a thought piece. In MLP: Flutter-Abstract we’re treated to an interesting predicament where it looks like, at least when it comes to eyeing her bust, even Flutter has the ability to break the fourth wall. Though admittedly this pick could be turned into a cool repeating background.

MLP: Flutter-Abstract by AcesRulez13


Until next week, hope you enjoyed the collection. If you have any suggestions for characters, themes, ect you would like to see in a future post feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Social Media!


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