Music Monday – Leather Teeth – Darksynth Jams

Leather Teeth – Darksynth Jams

Carpenter Brut brought us Leather Teeth; a darksynth album released this February. It brings heavy sound into the mix, with enough distortion to satisfy the greatest heavy metal hunger. Give this a listen on the best playback setup you have: the strength of the composition really lends itself to something capable of playing the great range available on the recording. While the vocals track on the album are hit-and-miss, they still add valuable qualities to the whole listen.

I learned about Carpenter Brut from listening to the Furi OST, and that’s a good place to move next in our tour of Synthwave, and my favorite Darksynth Jams. Join me there next time!
In the meantime, if you want to support Carpenter Brut, they offer their music on bandcamp, as well as offering various formats through their website. I’m tempted to pick up the LP, myself.
Either way, check this out! and let me know what you think.
Highlight Track: Inferno Galore
A fun track that knows how to use spacing and changes in the music to hold an upbeat mood while also making you think; A thought provoking mental dance.


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