Music Monday – AKUMA – Heavy Beats

AKUMA – Heavy Beats

We are admittedly fans of the Synthwave genre that has become more prominent of late. There are a few genre or format branches so far within the community, and I’ve fallen head over heels for Darksynth. Raue, one of our staff members, gave me a list of his favorites; This is the first one I’m choosing to share. With nice crunchy beats, haunting melodies, and beautiful dark soundscapes, AKUMA really stuck with me after listening. If you like how this sounds, ALEX & Tokyo Rose’s other work is worth a listen as well, and I would additionally recommend delving in to the genre a bit deeper.

Darksynth is -well- I think you need to give it a listen to really understand. For me, it’s a genre that delivers on the promise of techno from the 90’s. Something that really evokes the grit I always wanted, while still keeping the melodic tendencies and tonal qualities I want in music that carries weight. It’s my heavy metal techno I always dreamed of. Think of how many projects you can finish while spinning something like this!
Don’t sleep on this.
Highlight Track:
Tokyo Rose – Cursed (feat. WVLFPAKT & Mecha Maiko) 33:50
Cursed stands in as one of the defining sounds of the album, carrying the motifs from the rest of the work. If you listen to one track from this, I suggest starting here.

You can find other artists in this sort of vein via NewRetroWave or NRW records on YouTube.




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