Fate Grand Order Blog Mid-December 2017

Fate Grand Order Blog Mid-December 2017:
It’s been about five and a half months since Fate/Grand Order dropped in the US and over two years since the game launched in Japan.  In that time, we’ve gone from 9 servant classes, to 12,(If you count Saver from Fate/Extra and Avenger which wasn’t made playable until later in F/GO) to 13 servant classes with the addition of the most recent servant class: Foreigner.

Now, I could probably rant about all the exciting new things going on in the Japanese version of the game, but that would be second hand knowledge.  After all, I only play the North American version of the game so all of my first-hand experiences are approximately two years behind Japanese players. This has its advantages and disadvantages.  The advantage is that we always know what banners are coming and we can prepare in advance for events, along with knowledge of what banners are just bait.  The obvious disadvantage is holy shit we are far behind.

As of writing this the Christmas 2017 event has just wrapped up (Christmas 2015 in Japan) and we have a week long break period before the Fourth Singularity comes out.  While the story in F/GO is pretty good so far, the real stand-outs thus far have been the limited time events.

The first two Limited time events, Nerofest and the Moon Festival were fun but rather boring events.  These two events served more as introductions to the servants Nero, and Orion, before they made their debut in the story.  Nerofest was also redundant in the NA version of the game since the first two singularities were available from launch while Nerofest served as a lead up to the second singularity in Japan.  The Moon Festival had more story than Nerofest and could be pretty funny at times, but ultimately it was all about introducing Orion.

The next three limited time events, however, had something that made them special. They had event-specific servants.  The Halloween Event gave us a Halloween themed version of Elisabeth Bathory (a Caster in contrast to her normal Lancer version and her adult Assassin version).  The GudaGuda event gave us a “genderbent” Oda Nobunaga as an Archer, and the latest limited time event gave us Saber Alter as Santa Claus (Rider class).

What these events had going for them over previous events were twofold.  By making the event servants relatively easy to obtain as long as players do the event, you force the players to care about the event and give the player a goal to work toward (in this case obtaining the 5 copies of the event servant and the 4 copies of the ascension material to level the event servant).  At the same time, making the event servant free lets you advertise another servant for a gacha that lines up with the event.

For Halloween we had Tamamo no Mae (Caster) as the limited 5 star servant, for GudaGuda we had Okita Souji (Saber pictured above) as the limited 5 star and for Christmas we had Jack the Ripper (Assassin) as the limited 5 star.

Of these three 5 star servants only one is truly limited (Okita), with the other two (Jack and Tamamo) being added to the general pool of servants when London is released.  But while they may be added to the general pool later, these banners still serve as your best chance to get them due to the servant being on “rate up”.

The gacha rates in F/GO are pretty terrible and they’re probably the worst thing about this game (you have a 1% rate of pulling a 5 star servant, 3% rate of pulling a 5 star Craft Essence, and a 3% rate of pulling a 4 star servant), but the second worst thing is Ascension materials.  Ascension materials will be the bane of your existence and are responsible for the majority of grinding in the game.

You might think you’re fine sitting on a stack of 50 for an ascension material, but you’re wrong.  So, so, wrong.

During the Christmas event, I decided to level up my Waver’s skills a bit. I decided since I had the materials I might as well go all-in and bring my Okita’s first skill from level 6 up to level 10.  This of course cost about 50 million QP for those 4 levels, but that’s a small price to pay for Okita’s Noble Phantasm to do a bit more damage.

Then I decided to check on what my Jack and Tamamo needed for their final ascensions.

London really can’t come fast enough.


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