On Delayed Awards and Other Issues…

On Delayed Awards and Other Issues…

Hi guys. Today’s post is going to be a bit of a downer but don’t worry our standard content and Youmacon 2017 recording posts will be starting back up again here soon. However for now I wanted to take a moment and clear the air, get some things off my chest, and try to be as transparent as I can be because you all deserve it.

The short of it. I screwed up.

Earlier this year I got married. As I found out the act of planning your own wedding from scratch is an extremely time consuming task and even with help from friends and family it pretty much consumed our (my wife and I) lives for the majority of this past year leading up to and even after the wedding itself. As we were concentrating on the biggest day of our lives everything else pretty much fell to the wayside. Call it bad timing, poor planning, whatever you want to call it, but one of the many things to fall to the wayside was planning. preparation, and executing this year’s Music Video Competition and Convention for Youmacon. While I did have help from my band of awesome staff which did make for one of our most successful years to date at-con there were many tasks that fell to me to complete that I failed to delegate and as such just didn’t get done.

One such task was Awards.

First the oldest elephant in the room. Past year’s awards. It has been no secret (as I have stated such in forum posts) that over the years I have gotten mixed support from the convention as far as funds go to ship the awards as we promise we will to entrants in the United States. Some years I have gotten the money, others I haven’t. Where I have been able I have hand delivered awards at other conventions such as AWA but the majority still sit in a box here at my house under a pile of wedding supplies. While I personally LOVE to personally deliver the awards to those I have been able to do so I realize that not everyone can make it to the conventions that I do (namely AWA outside of Youmacon) and requiring an in-person approach when we promise to ship is in-excusable (not to mention as I found out this year sometimes even I can’t make it to AWA.) The reason for the sporadic support in the funding department is a 2 way street between myself and the convention. Some years I simply forgot to ask, others the con just didn’t have it, and a few by the time I did ask there was nothing for me to get. The funding issue however for previous years has been rectified and I will begin shipping out awards shortly. I will be looking to combine shipments with previous years awards that I might have missed as well. It will take a little bit to compile the full list but be on the lookout for emails from me requesting shipping address confirmation.

And now on to this year’s issues with awards. As those of you who were watching our livestream of the award ceremony from Youmacon this year already have heard we did not have the awards done in time to hand out at the convention itself. Again this all ultimately stemmed from me. We did manage to procure enough stock (VHS tapes) to support the next 2 years worth of awards many months ago. The box was brought to my place in order to test out the tapes to ensure their integrity and not run into issues we had last year with moldy tapes that broke during recording forcing us to not have a tape ready to record the Adult Video Award winner. However as with most things this year the box was set down in the basement, promptly covered up by wedding supplies, and forgotten about for months. By the time I remembered the tapes and got them to the guy who does the painting it was too late. The weather here in Michigan took a turn for the sour as it became cold, rainy, wet, soggy and all sorts of not good weather for painting and having the paint dry and set with a good enough quality to send to you. I rolled the dice on the weather and lost and now you all are paying the price in delays for your awards.

I have gotten confirmation from our painter that he will be getting the tapes done as soon as he is able. To ensure a quality product many factors play into how quickly he will be able to turn these out. I do not have a specific deadline as to when they will be done, however as I receive completed tapes I will be recording, labeling, casing, and shipping them out to you. I hope to have this all completed by the new year however at this time I cannot set that as a hard deadline due to the fluid reliability of the weather here in Michigan.

There is no excuse for this blatant negligence that I had toward the department, convention, and competition this year. You all deserve better than this and I failed to provide such this year. I am deeply sorry. I am better then this. This is the 13th year that I have been running this contest for Youmacon and the 11th year that I have been in charge of this department. Problems like these should not be a thing. I promise that I will strive to be what you all expect and need me to be in the coming year. The only way to move forward is to admit my own shortcomings and I see that I have not been the best that I can be this year. I ask that you forgive me for these shortcomings, however I understand if you cannot and thank you for the support you have given me up to this point.

I am humbled by the support that you, the editors, the fans, the attendees, and my staff have given me, the department, the competition, and the convention. Without you we have no reason to do what we do. I hope that despite the issues we have had this past year that you will continue to support us in the future. It is my promise to you that I will not let these same problems happen again and this next year will be even better then year’s past. We have already begun planning for next year and I can’t wait to see what awesome videos you all make and send our way.



Youmacon 2017, 2016 – 2005
Fan Art Theater Department Head
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