Fan Art Theater is live at Youmacon 2017!

Fan Art Theater is live at Youmacon 2017!

Hello and welcome to our world of anime and gaming goodness, descended upon the earth for one weekend each year! This year at Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan, we’re down in COBO 140 D-E & F-G with Fan Art Theater A and B, respectively. With a great selection of panels and video content, we’re proud to bring the best part (in our opinion) of the show! If you can make it to the show, we look forward to seeing you! If you can’t however…check us out on Twitch! You can watch Theater A at and you can watch Theater B at You can check the schedule via our Attendify app(just search youmacon!) or peruse the following!


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A motivated media professional, Robert is always looking for fun new ideas to share. His work with the Fan Art Theater is an extension of that and his desire to host people from out of town in his hometown through the Fan Art Theater's work at Youmacon. Loves: Sweets, Manga, Sci-Fi Novels, Games. Hates: Wet Socks, Mushrooms, Haters. Check him out on twitter:

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