Music Monday – Anti Gravity ft Oriel Poole Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix

Anti Gravity ft Oriel Poole Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix

It’s another Monday and that means it’s time to take a look at some cool music again. When I really need to concentrate at work I like to “plug in.” This is basically me shutting down any chat programs, kicking coworkers out of my cube, throwing my headphones on, and listening to cool uplifting music. As of late I’ve really come to enjoy Nu Disco as a genre to mix in with Synthwave and Electro Swing for this purpose.

One such song I’ve recently come to enjoy on this journey is Anti Gravity ft. Oriel Poole, the Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix specifically. It’s got a really funky feel to it and overall the song fills me with energy and makes me want to groove in my seat while I work. Some may find said urge distracting but for me it puts a pep in my clicking and typing and certainly makes the day go faster. Give it a listen and see if you agree.



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