Lewd Tuesday – Great American Solar Eclipse Edition

Great American Solar Eclipse Edition


First up and titular post is actually a cap from Two Best Sisters Play Persona 4. Luna spends a bit of time in front of the TV showing off her best ‘eclipse’. If you haven’t seen this one it’s pretty funny. You can check it out by clicking the image.

Two Best Sisters Play Persona 4

And now on to some real plot….

First up we have a post by Suirano on DeviantArt. Moon Butt is just that. The butt of the moon princess. Kinda interesting how most artists online seem to draw pony plot to look like little hearts. I suppose they do that for the top heavy ones as well but we’re focusing on the butt for this post!

 Moon butt by Suirano

You didn’t think this would be all MLP did you? How can we forget our guardian of the moon in a sailor suit? Up next is In the name of the Mooning…Moon by grimphantom on deviantart. This one shows Usagi in a bit of a compromising situation. Considering how short their skirts are it’s only natural that we’d see a bit more of her backside if you know what I mean,

In The name of the Mooning...Moon by grimphantom

Up next is The Lonely Full Moon by GoblinHordeStudios on deviantart. This time Luna is being a little saucy….

The Lonely Full Moon by GoblinHordeStudios

Next up we have Three Kappa Moon by humon on deviantart. This piece shows that lovely peach representing the moon and three very lewd kappa marveling at it’s glorious-ness.

 Three Kappa Moon by humon

Because I just can’t get enough of the mood butt the following pic is called Eclipse by AskBubbleLee on DeviantArt. Seemingly obviously titled and created for the big event yesterday this piece shows a proud display of moon flank.

 Eclipse by AskBubbleLee

Before the finale we have another wardrobe mishap for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino and Luna by eHillustrations on deviantart shows the usual pose with some potential issues. Why is she wearing read underneath her skit?

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino and Luna by eHillustrations

Finally we have a piece by Ask Dream Luna on tumblr. This one shows the lewd Luna from this universe taking on the eternal sun (moon) from Daybreaker with… interesting results…

Ask Dream Luna Eclipse


And with that this special eclipse edition of Lewd Tuesday is finished. Have ideas for future Lewd Tuesday features? Drop us a line and let us know!


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