Throwback Thursday – ZephyrStars Daydream

ZephyrStars Daydream

This week I want to take you back a decade to the distant year of 2007. Some have said it was the best of times for AMVs and others have said it was the downfall. I can’t speak to either of these but what I can say is that ZephyStar came out with this awesome video called Daydream that year. While there hasn’t been any Yotsuba! anime to date ZS did a great job of making it seem like the main character of the manga is actually part of Azumanga in this video. It’s a great video that I was happy to beta test when he was working on it and still to this day it is part of my arsenal of videos I use to test Stereo separation and audio/video sync at conventions! Though despite that it really is just a chance for me to watch this video on loop. Give it a watch and see what you think!

For more info about the video and to download it check out the page here:


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