Throwback Thursday – KagatoAMV Bride of Berserk

KagatoAMV Bride of Berserk

This week lets set the clock back 12 years to the distant year of 2005. Bride of Berserk is a video I first saw as part of Anime Weekend Atlanta’s Video Art Track’s Professional competition. The video is one I wasn’t exactly expecting to see but was one of the more memorable videos from that competition for me. It’s an odd pairing mostly because Guts plays a Gaston like character from the musical “A Funny Thing Happening on the Way to the Forum” and that isn’t exactly the kind of character he is. All in all the pairing is a silly one and the execution is well done as also. This makes for a fun video and I hope you will watch and agree.

For more information on this video and download a copy for yourself check out the posting here:


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