Music Monday – Persona 5 Rivers in a Desert

Persona 5 Rivers in a Desert

This past weekend I finally had the time to sit down and actually finish Persona 5. After about 125 hours of game play I made it to the end and I must say I had a blast playing it despite being the first Persona game I’ve ever finished and actually the first of the PS2+ era Persona games I’ve played. Normally we reserve this column for fan and indie works but I just can’t help but want to share how AWESOME this game’s soundtrack is. There wasn’t a point while playing that I wasn’t grooving along to the music totally engrossed in the story. One track in particular that plays during a boss fight I just couldn’t wait to share. Rivers in a Desert currently is my favorite track from the game because of this but there is just a ton of awesome music it’s hard to really pick a favorite. Give this one a listen and see for yourself.



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