Throwback Thursday – West Happiness Dojo

West Happiness Dojo

This week’s throwback takes us back to 2002 with a video that is fun and pretty silly, West’s Happiness Dojo. The idea of mixing the Happiness Hotel from one of the Muppet movies with Ranma 1/2 seems silly and a bit of a stretch at first, but after watching the video you realize there is so much craziness in the series that it just fits.

For the time that this video was made, it has some pretty good lip sync going on with it, and the characters are cast well and don’t break apart from their original castings. The whole thing just flows from one mishap to another and in the end it kind of leaves you with a smile.   This is one of those videos that I find to be a staple of fun AMV blocks as it just manages to float to the top of the list every time I build them.

Every time I watch this video it reminds me that I haven’t finished watching or even reading all of Ranma. Perhaps I should get to work on fixing that…


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