Throwback Thursday – Kayin 500 Miles

Kayin 500 Miles

Today I want to take you back a few decades to the distant year of 1997 with a video that I used to consider a staple of my amv playlists as it continues to walk to the top of said lists. I remember downloading Kayin’s Ryoga tribute video 500 Miles on Morpheus/Kazaa way back in the day. Of course, back then this song was pretty popular and Ranma AMVs were also pretty popular, so the pairing was just obvious. So obvious in fact that there are at least 5 different videos I have from back in the day all using this combination.

Of course, my choosing this video over the others doesn’t mean that the others are bad. In fact, one other version that came out around the same time is almost nearly identical to this video (and multiple copies are easily found on youtube) and I like it a lot as well. But in the end there is just something about this version that grabs me. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of being the first I saw, or the obvious use of older and heavily played VHS as source. Either way, this video is one of my favorites and it is still a staple in my personal AMV collection.


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