Throwback Thursday – Scintilla’s Eva Bebop

This week let’s head back to 2004 when I was first getting into anime conventions with Scintilla’s Eva Bebop. I remember sitting in the audience, the first big anime convention I ever attended for the full weekend, watching their big AMV Contest while also being the first big AMV Contest I’d ever entered myself, and being floored by this video. The thought of the amount of work that went into making something like this astounded me and the judges that year apparently thought the same as it went home with Best in Show and rightfully so (though I will admit there were a lot of great AMVs in that contest so it must have been hard to choose.) Even today the editing really stands out and I think that make this one a timeless classic.

For more info about the video and a direct download link check out it’s page on!


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Nate is the the Fan Art Theater Department Head and our fearless leader. He also runs his own Youtube Channel as the Old School Otaku reviewing anime and talking about his experiences with older anime. Nate also makes AMVs as well!

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