Music Monday – Phaserland’s Nomad City (From Cosmic Boundaries)

Phaserland’s Nomad City From Cosmic Boundaries

Ever since I talked about Phaserland’s track Smolder I’ve been looking forward to his new album and it is finally here. Released just the other day Cosmic Boundaries is a 12 track album of awesome Synthware mastery home grown locally right here in Detroit Michigan! I’ve only had a chance to listen to half of the album at this point but I am already hooked and couldn’t wait any longer to talk about it.

Today’s featured track, the first on the album, Nomad City is currently my favorite with it’s use of smooth guitar licks coupled with a sweet melody of synth accompaniment. Give the track a listen below and if you want to hear more of the album you can check it out on bandcamp below or purchase your own copy of Cosmic Boundaries.

Considering the majority of big names in the Synth, Retro, New Wave circles come mostly from Europe it’s great to hear a local American have such mastery of his craft and the nostalgic sounds found in such music. I look forward to more great music from Phaserland in the future.



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