Throwback Thursday – Sierra Lorna’s Elvis vs. Anime

This week let’s head back to a great year for AMVs, 2003, when the tools for rotoscoping footage was no where near as automated and advanced as they are today (rotobrush anyone?) Sierra Lorna came out with a great parody video to the original music video of JXL’s remix of Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation.” Looking back on the roto work on this one it’s obvious that it’s no where near as polished as stuff we’ve seen come out in recent years but the sheer amount of time and work that went into basically editing this frame by frame (they basically took the original music video, removed the dancers, and replaced them with anime characters) is crazy to think about back then. Even with all these flaws I still find this to be such a great video even today.

For more info about the video and a direct download link check out it’s page on!


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