Workshop Wednesday – Camera Month Finale Shot Composition 

This week’s workshop will round out camera month and we begin to look at how to use the camera, beyond setting it up.  We will assume you have the camera, the lens and the peripherals you need to shoot your video (peripheral gear will be covered in a later Workshop Wednesday this year). So the time comes for you begin framing your shots. This is another tricky thing to perfect in your skill set as it takes a lot if practice and looking at the taste of the client or audience you are trying to appeal to.

Tom Anto’s has a handy tutorial on shot types and composition with a small review in lenses to help understand how they interact with each other.

Since shot composition is very subjective and online video versus visual storytelling use different styles here is another guide on the subject from the online video perspective, from Fathom Digital Marketing, the video is a little old but it all is very useful information.

Next month we will begin looking at audio and the many differnt types of things audio can do for helping you make something awesome. So get out there and make something.


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