Workshop Wednesday – White Balance 

White balance the fickle mistress of the photographer and vidoegrapher alike. White balance can create interesting artistic statements or make your shot look unnatural and weird. Devin Graham (more aptly known as Devin Supertramp) has been doing daily tutorial vlogs and he breaks it down very well and explains Color Temperature and White Balance that is very easy for anyone to understand.


now there is a handy tool for getting your white balance either corrected or set color correct every time, using a Gray Card.  Steeletraining has an excellent guide to how to use this simple piece of equipment to create the best look for your video or photos.


Also here is a handy guide to color temperature as a cheat sheet for refrence on the go

As always remember that practice is the easiest way to become better and have an understanding of your equipment to create what you want to put on the screen. So go out and make a thing.


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