The Fan Art Theater at Youmacon 2016 is now LIVE!

It is that time of year again. Youmacon’s Fan Art Theater is now LIVE on site! We are ready to start our programming showing off a jam packed schedule of great events celebrating fan created works of video art! AMVs, Let’s Plays, Twitch Streaming, Youtube Creators, fan films, gameshows, and so much more can be seen all weekend long in our rooms.

Our schedule and event descriptions can be seen here:

For those of you who will be at the convention feel free to stop on in, say hi, and enjoy our great content throughout the weekend. The Fan Art Theater is located in COBO Hall rooms 330A & 330B for content and 338 for our Operations room.

Not going to be at the convention this year or want something to enjoy while you are in your hotel room? The Fan Art Theater is streaming all of it’s all ages events (you will have to be in person to view the 18+ events) during the weekend! You can find the streams for each room live at the following locations:

Fan Art Theater A (COBO Hall 330A) –

Fan Art Theater B (COBO Hall 330B) –


About Nate

Nate is the the Fan Art Theater Department Head and our fearless leader. He also runs his own Youtube Channel as the Old School Otaku reviewing anime and talking about his experiences with older anime. Nate also makes AMVs as well!

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