Youmacon 2016 Fan Art Theater Competition – AMV Contest

The Fan Art Theater is bringing back one of it’s premier yearly events, The Fan Art Theater Competition! What is this competition? It is our evolution of the AMV Contest that you expect to see at conventions. We accept all types of music videos, not just anime, and that sets us apart bringing a large selection of some of the best music videos made throughout the year. Tons of editors submitted their works to us this year and we have the very best ready to show you during the convention. Come take a seat during our multiple daily viewings and come hang out during the Award Ceremony in order to see who won and watch the best of the best!

For the older crowd we will also have an adult (hentai) competition viewing as well where you the audience will get the chance to choose a winner! This will be a carded event.

Times and locations for the viewings are below:


7pm to 10pm – Fan Art Theater Competition Showing – Fan Art Theater A (COBO 330A)

Midnight to 1am – Fan Art Theater Adult Showing (Hentai AMV Contest) – Fan Art Theater B (COBO 330B)


3pm to 6pm – Fan Art Theater Competition Showing – Fan Art Theater B (COBO 330B)

7pm to 9pm – Fan Art Theater Competition Award Ceremony – Fan Art Theater A (COBO 330A)


2pm to 5pm – Fan Art Theater Competition Showing – Fan Art Theater B (COBO 330B)


About Nate

Nate is the the Fan Art Theater Department Head and our fearless leader. He also runs his own Youtube Channel as the Old School Otaku reviewing anime and talking about his experiences with older anime. Nate also makes AMVs as well!

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