Youmacon Fan Art Theater 2016 Panel/Event Application

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That’s right! The Fan Art Theater is now accepting applications to run panels and events within it’s space at Youmacon 2016! We are only accepting applications for content designed to be run within the Fan Art Theater, not the rest of the convention (that form will be available I’m informed soon.) Fan Art Theater content is defined as any content related to the creation, production, showing, and viewing of works of fan created video art.

Examples of Fan Art Theater content are but are not limited to:
AMVs, Animations, Flash Video, Let’s Plays, Youtube Content, and Streaming

The Fan Art Theater provides the following to it’s panelists:
4~6 Seats on Stage
2 Microphones
Projector hookup on stage, using VGA ports (We do not provide converters for any other output type)
1/8″ Headphone Jack on stage for audio
300+ Seating Capacity

If you are unable to hook up to our video/sound system the Fan Art Theater is able to play content provided to us on convention run computers. We accept a wide range of video and file types, able to play pretty much any codec, and our staff is trained to take direction during your panel in order to play the proper content when requested. This is the preferred method for projecting content on our screens. You can provide content to us via web upload, CD, DVD, and USB devices both before the convention and at the event.

The Fan Art Theater follows Youmacon guidelines as it pertains to the reimbursement of badge costs. All panelists are required to have a badge in order to present at the convention. Details regarding this policy will be given to all approved panelists closer to the convention.

If you are interested in running an event or panel inside the Fan Art Theater please follow the link in the banner image above or here in order to be taken to the application can fill out the information requested.


About Nate

Nate is the the Fan Art Theater Department Head and our fearless leader. He also runs his own Youtube Channel as the Old School Otaku reviewing anime and talking about his experiences with older anime. Nate also makes AMVs as well!

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