The Fan Art Theater Wants You for staff in 2018 In our never ending quest to provide the best content year after year we have decided that we need to bolster our ranks in 2018. It’s that time of year again and The Fan Art Theater is looking for a […]

The Fan Art Theater Wants You for staff in 2018!

trythil’s Spukhafte Fernwirkung This week let’s head back to 2007 with trythil’s Spukhafte Fernwirkung. I first saw this video as part of the contest at Anime Central 2007 and I was blown away by the visual style and technique. The motion in this video is what still draws me to […]

Throwback Thursday – trythil’s Spukhafte Fernwirkung

Remenissions This week our AMV Spotlight is Remenissions by editor Alon. This AMV won 1st place at Japan Expo 2018 and makes excellent use of its effects.

AMV Spotlight – Remenissions

Ranma is C_ute_Doll’s Jam So while trolling around online I ran into some really cool Vaporwave styled Ranma 1/2 art. After digging deeper I found that it was all made by artist C_ute_Doll on Twitter. So I took a look at their feed and found quite a lot of really cool […]

Fan Art Friday – Ranma is C_ute_Doll’s Jam

Reflections of Style 2 This week we’re back in 2005 with the Reflections of Style 2 Multi Editor Project. I’ve always been into electronic music and this project has a great mix of not only music but editing talents as well. With parts by editors such as JCD, Bakadeshi, Suberunker, […]

Throwback Thursday – Reflections of Style 2

Flutteryshy’s Got Quite the Pair Part One So in the spirit of restarting this column I started looking at art I had pinned but not moved forward with. Turns out in the case of building another MLP segment I may have bitten off more then I could chew. So why […]

Lewd Tuesday – Flutteryshy’s Got Quite the Pair Part One

Anime Expo 2018 Edition This week our AMV Spotlight is a playlist of winning AMVs from the anime expo 2018 competition. This playlist covers the contest winners from most categories. however, it is missing the winners for best fun & play as well as the audience choice winner. I look […]

AMV Spotlight – Anime Expo 2018 Edition

Suberunker’s The Wizard of Ozaka This week I want to take us all back to 2005 with Suberunker Studeosh’s video The Wizard of Ozaka. I remember seeing this one around the time it came out and loved the story it told. True, as the editor says in their posting […]

Throwback Thursday – Suberunker’s The Wizard of Ozaka

Shook I Will Be There Shook is an artist that I came across while I was discovering Nu Disco and I’ve been following him ever since. His music has that bit of funk that I enjoy while also being a mesmerizing layering of ambient tracks that always puts me in […]

Music Monday – Shook I Will Be There

Fallout This week our AMV Spotlight is Fallout by editor Rider4Z. This AMV takes the latest mission impossible trailer and sets it to cowboy bebop. This AMV is a fantastic way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release. We hope you enjoy this AMV and check out the other […]

AMV Spotlight – Fallout

Shepherd0821 Has The Girls Quite a few years ago when I found out about the massive creative community around the new My Little Pony show I found my way on to a 4 panel koma version of My Little Pony. The artist is Shepherd0821 and I’ve been following them ever […]

Fan Art Friday – Shepherd0821 Has The Girls

Lee Shang She’s Actual Size When I think back to my early days of watching AMVs one video that comes to mind is Lee Shang’s (BogoSort) She’s Actual Size. This video from the year 2000 is just a silly collection of scenes from the first Slayers Movie. The video plays […]

Throwback Thursday – Lee Shang She’s Actual Size

Lewd Tuesday AceRulez13 Bring’s Fluttershy’s Goods You know, we’ve really neglected this column and I feel that’s a great disservice to you all. After all, everyone needs that mid week pick-me-up and you know what? I’m gonna provide it! So let’s kick things off with an old theme and artist […]

Lewd Tuesday – AceRulez13 Bring’s Fluttershy’s Goods

Music Monday – Lo Fi I’m going to throw you a curveball. We’re getting borderline introspective. I thoroughly enjoy misteramazing. He has a way of turning a topic into a story. I can easily get pulled through the rabbit hole watching his videos. He has a great way of holding […]

Music Monday – Lo Fi

Academic Hell This week our AMV Spotlight is Academic Hell by editor drewaconclusion. This AMV is a black and white horror AMV set to the game Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. in conclusion, we hope you enjoy this AMV.

AMV Spotlight – Academic Hell

Fan Art Friday Senzoc Patlabor Zootopia Mashup This week’s piece of fan art comes to us by way of @senzoc on twitter. This lovely piece mashes up two franchises that I adore, Zootopia and Patlabor. I can see Judy being very similar to Noa and loving her labor just the same and […]

Fan Art Friday – Senzoc Patlabor Zootopia Mashup